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Synchronous Generators
MarelliGenerators is a division of Marelli Motori SpA, an internationai manufacturer of electrical machines. MarelliGenerators offers a complete selection of low, medium and high voltage three-phase synchronous generators for continuous prime power and stand-by power applications. Whatever your needs, our qualified engineers will offer the best soilutions to suit your requirements. High efficiency, life-Iong reliability and in compliance with the international standards give MarelliGenerators the right to be a worldwide leader.

MarelliGenerators offers the best technical solutions for the applications you need. The main application fields are: general industry, prime power, cogeneration, UPS, marine, petrochemical and hydroelectric.

  • Long life endurance of electrical components and housing.
  • Generators are impregnated with high-grade resin by a VPI process and an additional protection against tough environmental conditions.
  • Generous design allowances to ensure reliability under difficult operating conditions.